About Us

Infinity Water Management has been saving water for clients since 2005. 


Infinity Water Management offers turnkey water conservation projects to our ESCO clients reducing energy and water costs for various government and non-government entities. 

Through Shared Savings Performance Contracting schools districts, colleges and universities, local, county, state and federal government entities can reduce their energy and water consumption often times with little or no up front costs.  The projects are financed and the savings generated pays for the construction over a predetermined term.  Most times the designed savings are guaranteed and therefore ensure the client does not have to pay more than the savings generated.

Infinity Water Management has helped many ESCO’s by providing specialized water conservation services that easily fit into the portfolio of services ESCO’s implement for their clients.

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Infinity Water Management is poised for rapid growth, but growth in this industry is expensive.  From the time we start working on a project to the first check that may come in for that project is often times over 12 months.  Facilities audits are performed, project scope and savings are designed, and then all of the other energy conservation measures need to be gathered. After that an ESCO can put together a feasible project, obtain financing and go to contract.  Once contracts are signed for the ESPC project, ESCO’s need time issue subcontracts, obtain approvals of suggested equipment and materials and then construction can start.  This process usually takes 12 months or more. 

Infinity Water Management spends money and resources on developing projects and carries those expenses for a year or more.  This is why expansion is expensive.

We need to hire a salesperson and a project developer that will work for 18-24 months before we see any income from their efforts.  In addition to salaries, there are office expenses, travel expenses taxes that need to be covered. 

Instead of a long term loan, selling equity in the company or other traditional avenues to raise capital we are trying to self-fund our growth. 

And to do so we started a brand. That brand is Team Water and the place to purchase our apparel is www.TeamWaterShop.com.


We have partnered with several apparel companies to produce top quality, environmentally friendly T-shirt, performance t’s and golf polo’s to offer at our online store TeamWaterShop.com



Team Apparel is big business. In 2022 the NFL sold over $256 million at nflshop.com.  Major League baseball sold over $200 million in fashion sales on mlbshop.com. 

In 2022 estimates show Nike sold 5.4 billion in apparel and Under Armour’s 2022 apparel sales are an estimated $3.8 billion.


We have a line of apparel with a purpose.  The proceeds of our sales do not go to shareholders or CEO’s or already rich professional athletes.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the proceeds from Team Water apparel will go to creating jobs, and building an already successful company with the sole purpose of helping people save water.


Why Save Water:


Water is a finite resource.  As more and more people inhabit earth, there is a greater strain on our natural water resources.  Conserving water is more important now that ever. 

You can do a quick internet search on water shortage and new articles pop up every day.  You can do another search on rising water and sewer rates and even more articles are posted every day.

Our largest market is School Districts.

School districts are great potential customers for Energy Savings Performance Contracts.  A quick internet search estimates the average age of school buildings in the US is 42 years old.  Many of these buildings have outdated and obsolete mechanical and plumbing systems.  These old systems are expensive to repair and operate.  They are very inefficient.  On top of that many school districts just don’t have the financial resources to upgrade or replace them.

Bluefield research published a report in 2021 that states that in the US water rates are rising faster than other household utility bills over the last decade.


Schools budgets are not equipped to absorb the large increases in water and sewer rates currently being experienced across the country.

But upgrading the plumbing systems in old school buildings provides many challenges.

While new construction design standards allow for the use and operation of ultra low flow plumbing fixtures, older buildings can experience sewer back ups and other maintenance headaches if all fixtures were replaced with the current ultra low flow 1.28 gpf toilets and .25 gpf urinals.  Add in the reduced flow from restricted faucets and older sewer systems can come to a complete stop. 

This is where companies like Infinity Water Management come in.  Through over 60 years of combined experience in applying water efficiency in aging buildings, Infinity Water Management has the expertise to maximize water efficiency while maintaining complete system functionality.  Not only do schools that participate in Energy Savings Performance Contracts achieve lower water and sewer bills, they also see a large reduction in maintenance costs as many or all fixtures are upgraded or replaced with upgraded technology.  Additionally, the use of Energy Savings Performance Contracting allows the use of higher quality, longer lasting plumbing parts that are usually not an option for schools operating on shoe string maintenance budgets. 

Why ESPC is a win-win-win.

We started this business for several reasons, one of which is, it’s one of the only businesses that is truly a win-win-win business.

We win by earning a living through saving water and helping the environment.

The schools win by saving on their water/sewer bills and upgrading their facilities at little or no cost to them.

Even the water and sewer providers win.  By reducing the water consumption of all of the schools in a providers service territory, the utility providers have an increased capacity to serve growing communities.  The most expensive part of being a water or wastewater provider is adding capacity to serve more customers.  If they can provide service to more customers with their existing capacity, they can make a larger margin and defer expensive large scale capacity buildouts.  This helps keep rates for everyone lower.


How can you help?

Next time you’re in the market for high quality T-shirts, Performance/swim type shirts or a golf polos, please check out our offerings.  We will change them from time to time to keep designs and fashions fresh, so check back often. 

Our shirts make great gifts. What’s better than giving a gift to a friend or loved one and knowing the proceeds are going to a great cause.

Also, please follow us on social media and sign up for email updates.  We will be posting announcements as we apply these profits to the growth of our business.  We are also posting tips and results of our brand building effort so other entrepreneurs may be able to achieve similar or better results in finding ways to fund their businesses or ideas.

We will also be posting articles and tips to help you save water in your home or business.  Most of the items you need to do this are available at your local hardware or home improvement stores.